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Techleap empowers Dutch leaders in tech. We're a team dedicated to breaking down the barriers for startup success in the Netherlands. Our focus is helping scaleup entrepreneurs, building communities and a thriving startup ecosystem in the Netherlands. We do so with support from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, we are a non-profit organization.

Not just another jobboard

We've created a free overview of (almost) all startup jobs in the Netherlands. We scrape the jobs directly from over 500 startups that we've identified to match our criteria. We've built this overview because we strongly believe that great talent is at the foundation of innovation, and therefore such an overview of career opportunities is of great value to the ecosystem.

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Our products are free to use.

Our products are completely free for eligible startups and job seekers. We “win” when these tools make it easier for the right person to join your team, or for you to find the right job. It’s that simple.

Techleap Job Board

About us

People, together, build great companies. We provide startups and scale-ups based in the Netherlands with all the tools and knowledge to recruit, retain, and develop the best talent to grow and scale internationally.

Our story

We launched in 2020, and are dedicated to empowering Dutch leaders in tech through the connections we make, the resources we build, and the collaborations we strengthen. 


For any inquiries, please reach out to startupjobs@techleap.nl. Please note that for submitting your startup vacancies, a link can be found in the footer of the page. 

Techleap Job Board

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We have a thematic and systematic approach to make sure we provide real impact


There are areas where we notice that a lack of knowledge-sharing is holding a sector back. Therefore, a large part of our approach is connecting people to share insights and learn together.


We connect the ecosystem nationally and internationally. Whether it's bringing together scaleups to new markets or regional organisations to share expertise. We do this to build a single united ecosystem so we can all create better conditions and overcome challenges together.


Through our work, we’re spotting bottlenecks that need addressing. In our projects and programmes, we intervene and work together with founders and stakeholders to devise a new reality where success is more likely to occur. Whether that's increasing chances of funding, finding the best talent, or entering new markets.

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