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10 Cool Jobs in Amsterdam: The Shortlist

4 MIN READ | 2021-08-25

Looking for new 2021 jobs in the Netherlands? The Netherlands offers a wide range of job roles across many different industries. In Amsterdam alone, a majority of cool jobs can be found in various industries such as tech, finance, health, media & entertainment. 

This article offers you 10 cool future jobs that you can look for in Amsterdam and one extra bonus role at the end!

1. Software Developer

Brief description: A software developer is responsible for designing, installing, and continuously updating an efficient software (computer) system for the company. They are responsible for making sure that any security issues are resolved and that the software adapts and operates with new databases. They also design applications to help employees perform specific tasks on a computer, or develop systems that control networks.

  • Major industries: Retail, Healthcare, Business, IT
  • Major required skills: Knowledge of programming languages
  • Personal qualities: detail-orientation, problem-solving skills, understanding of latest trends

Insider tip: Find the gap you should focus on in order to fix important problems that the company might be facing. If the company has dealt with hackers in the past, opt to optimise the security system.

2. DevOps Engineer

Brief description: A DevOps engineer is responsible for the lifecycle of software development. They code, deploy, maintain and update software from beginning to end. DevOps engineers acquire and practice new skills constantly. With every new product release, they understand how to tackle application development and delivery.

  • Major industries: IT
  • Major required skills: Knowledge of Configuration Management & Deployment tools, scripting, security skills, infrastructure knowledge
  • Personal qualities: Collaboration, decision-making

Insider tip: Start cross-training and expand your scope of knowledge. Train as a developer to understand the daily needs of the job role better. You will be working closely with developers.

3. Solutions Architect

Brief description: A solution architect is responsible for designing applications or services within a company and providing solutions within a development team. Using both technical and business skills, they work closely with an enterprise architect to provide a strategic direction of projects.

  • Major industries: IT
  • Major required skills: Computer & operating systems, infrastructure & engineering design, DevOps, system security measures, business analysis
  • Personal qualities: detail-orientation, interpersonal skills

Insider tip: Practice constantly to get as much experience as possible. Use services such as the Amazon free tier to practice with various AWS services that are all free of charge.

4. Customer Success Specialist

Brief description: A customer success specialist must predict customer questions and challenges and be prepared to provide solutions to them. They are responsible for ensuring that the products and services they use meet the customers’ goals. 

  • Major industries: Software, IT
  • Major required skills: Conflict resolution, foresight & expectations management, knowledge in data software applications, interpersonal skills
  • Personal qualities: Persistence, determination, empathy, emotional intelligence

Insider tip: Emphasize your experience with customers. Share your insights and showcase your skills by highlighting your strengths around customer-facing questions. 

5. Design Specialist

Brief description: A graphic design specialist communicates appealing messages by creating digital, electronic, and print images. Their designs vary from logos, leaflets, signs, to movie credits, and website graphics.

  • Major industries: Advertising, Marketing, Media & Entertainment
  • Major required skills: Design software, typography, Illustration, website design
  • Personal qualities: Imagination, creativity, detail-orientation

Insider tip: When applying for the job, do not only include design examples but also the context within which you have produced them for. Be specific about what you have created and for what purpose. This will help recruiters understand your work better.

6. Data Scientist

Brief description: A data scientist gathers and analyses structured and unstructured data. With the use of data, they offer solutions for effective decision-making. They build algorithms and create experiments to create actionable plans for companies. They combine their knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

  • Major industries:  Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI)
  • Major required skills: Computer science, machine learning, statistical analysis
  • Personal qualities: Analytical thinking, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, inquisitiveness

Insider tip: Develop a growth mindset by constantly learning and developing new skills. Share your growth on social channels such as GitHub or LinkedIn to reinforce your knowledge and inspire future recruiters.

7. Clinical Research Associate

Brief Description: A CRA is responsible for the setup, coordination, and supervision of clinical trials with different medicines, medical nutrition, and medical devices. You will carry out the selection, initiation, monitoring, and close-out visits at the participating clinical trial centers.

  • Major industries: Healthcare
  • Major required skills: Knowledge of controlled clinical trials principles, methodology & procedures, clinical research monitoring plans, knowledge of laboratory certification standards & processes
  • Personal qualities: Interpersonal skills, organisational skills

Insider tip: Target companies with CRA training programs as they are more inclined to hire you if you don’t have monitoring experience.

8. Sales & Marketing Manager

Brief description: A sales & marketing manager is tasked with researching, developing, and implementing new opportunities for marketing & sales. Their managerial duties extend to both sales & marketing staff with the purpose of meeting the company's operations goals.

  • Major industries: All industries
  • Major required skills: Knowledge of sales & marketing, data analysis, management
  • Personal qualities: Analytical skills, creativity, interpersonal skills, ability to work under pressure

Insider tip: Know the company. Understand and learn everything there is to know about it including its mission, values, strengths, as well as weaknesses.

9. Health & Safety Adviser

Brief description: A health and safety adviser is responsible for preventing accidents, injuries, and health problems in the workplace. They establish a set of health and safety policies and ensure that employers follow the safety laws.

  • Major industries: Agriculture, Construction, Infrastructure
  • Major required skills: IT, Knowledge in risk assessment,
  • Personal qualities: Detail-orientation, interpersonal skills, physical fitness, time management

Insider tip: With enough experience, you can climb up the ladder to a more managerial position or become a consultant. Seek out training opportunities to enrich your resume.

10. Financial analyst

Brief description: A financial analyst tackles financial planning, analysis, and projection for companies and corporations. They make predictions and present future revenues and expenditures to showcase cost structures and the capital budgeting for the company.

  • Major industries: Banking, Insurance, Investment
  • Major required skills: Analytical & financial modeling skills, knowledge of ERP systems and other technologies
  • Personal qualities: Ability to influence, presentation skills, time management, organisational skills

Insider tip: Rely on developing skills that automated data visualization tools can’t quite capture. Understand what you’re reporting & how it relates to future decisions, and make your recommendations heard.

Bonus Role: Growth Hacker

Brief description: A growth hacker is someone responsible for the delivery of effective marketing campaigns. These campaigns must draw audiences in, encourage engagement, and deliver the monetisation of the digital product or service. This job role is cross-functional, as one typically works closely with the marketing team, sales, product management, technology teams, etc. 

  • Major industries: All industries
  • Major required skills: Data-tracking & analytics, Behavioural psychology, customer development, marketing automation 
  • Personal qualities: Creative thinking, communication skills, writing, teamwork & collaboration

Insider tip: A good growth hacker has a deep understanding of the internet and curiosity about how it works.