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Eight of the Fastest Growing Startups and Scaleups in the Netherlands

3 MIN READ | 2021-10-19

Eight of the Fastest Growing Startups and Scaleups in the Netherlands


The Netherlands’ startup and scaleup ecosystem has quickly become one of the most renowned across the globe. Such a vibrant scene has built a great deal of fast growing companies, which no longer just survive, but thrive.

With good reason, too. The desire to embrace and nurture innovation within the country has led to huge growth opportunities for both local and international ventures. Amsterdam sits fourth in Europe when it comes to Startup Genome’s State of the Global Startup Economy leaderboard. The city’s prominent social and logistical connection capabilities play a key role in this impressive ranking, as this network offers fast-growing tech companies a means to quickly tap into worldwide markets.

With an estimated 2,700 brand new companies at different stages in their journey to scale, and a tech industry now worth a staggering €73bn in combined value, we’ve picked out eight businesses across a variety of sectors you should keep an eye out on. Each of them is already making a huge impact within their respective markets. Ready to get to know them?

1. Bots

The unprecedented rise of cryptocurrency has seen the casual interest in trading skyrocket in recent years. In the wake of this, the BOTS platform seeks to open up a once-exclusive industry to anyone with an internet connection. 

The premise is simple: take the same sort of algorithms that have been used by professional traders for years, and allow anyone who downloads the BOTS app to take advantage of the same algorithms.

Crypto, stocks, durables, real estate, futures, options, ETFs, art, loans, startups and scaleups are all available for investment. By using these specially-designed ‘robots’ which take the often complicated and overwhelming legwork out of trading, newcomers can explore the world of investing with minimal risk. Simply pick a bot, decide how much you want to invest and the app does the rest. 

2. Adyen

Adyen has been crowned as one of the Netherlands’ most successful and fastest-growing fintech companies since being founded in 2006. That trajectory looks set to continue for the foreseeable future, after the venture was approved for its first US banking license in June.

Dedicated to simplifying the transaction process, Adyen enables and accelerates business growth. They achieve this by accepting payments through a single system infrastructure, which is directly linked to card networks and local payment methods around the world.

The company serves global powerhouses like Facebook, Uber and L’Oréal - and, according to Dealroom, boasts a current firm valuation of €61.4bn, a figure almost definitely set to rise thanks to the aforementioned US expansion.

3. Social Database

Using the immense power of publicly available data, Social Database specialises in creating high-value audiences that cater to an individual businesses specific needs, in-turn maximising return on investment. 

By honing in on Twitter’s vast number of daily users, the business is able to gain in-depth, real-time consumer insights that would simply be impossible to gather elsewhere. Social Database tracks information such as a person’s likes and dislikes, the type of messaging that resonates best with them and optimal times to post to ensure maximum engagement. Each of these factors can then be used by brands to make a campaign more efficient.

As an official Ads API partner of the social media platform, the analytical capabilities of Social Database are greater than ever, naturally leading to a remarkably healthy-looking future for an operation which has already enjoyed great early success, despite not yet seeking VC investment.

4. Wundermart

Since launching in 2017, Wundermart has been shifting the perception of traditional supermarkets, utilising cutting-edge smart tech to roll out their concept of turnkey, unmanned shops. 

The idea is built around creating a streamlined, more intuitive shopping experience within work, residential and travel settings for consumers, while offering owners a flexible alternative to running their own store in the most cost-efficient way. 

Back in March, Wundermart announced plans to open 10,000 of these autonomous locations, with COVID-19 signalling a clear desire for the minimal-contact nature of the model. 

5. Crisp

The Dutch online-only supermarket has put freshness and transparency at the forefront of its operation, ensuring that when users order goods through the app, those goods are sourced directly from local suppliers. 

Since its launch in 2018, Crisp has become a fast growing company in the Netherlands. They raised €30 million in Series B funding earlier this year, and have subsequently become a major player in Europe’s lucrative grocery market. 

With the demand for transparently-sourced food growing significantly throughout the pandemic, Crisp’s short supply chain, zero waste model, and sizable financial backing all leave the company in a prime position to continue thriving in the startup ecosystem. 

6. Fixico

Another fast growing company in fintech, this time within the repair services sector, is Amsterdam-based Fixico. Dedicated to bringing the industry up to the speed of the digital age, the business has created a seamless online platform that handles vehicle repairs for consumers, insurers and fleet owners. 

After securing an additional €7m investment round in 2019, plans to scale the business both nationally and internationally could mean some extremely exciting times ahead for Fixico, which already boasts 2,500+ active repair shops across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and South Africa. 

7. SwipeGuide

Much like Fixico, SwipeGuide’s digital solution to manufacturing instructions is helping disrupt an industry that has largely found itself hindered by outdated work processes. 

Rather than using clunky paper instructions, SwipeGuide’s patented format allows frontline engineers to share their expert knowledge with a “consumer-like ease of usethrough simple step-by-step guides, which are constantly updated using insights from industry experts. 

Like most sectors, the pandemic emphasised the need for digital solutions even within traditional industries, sealing SwipeGuide’s position as one of the Netherlands most noteworthy and fast-growing SaaS companies.

8. MeetingSelect

MeetingSelect is another fast-growing SaaS business that has been able to use the pandemic as a springboard for future success. Despite Covid-19 restrictions, the team managed to raise €2m in Series A funding while developing their current offering to cater for the coming months as markets are re-opening. 

With an easy-to-navigate platform that already houses 500,000 meeting spaces across the globe, ranging from traditional hotels and conference spaces to unique venues such as farmhouses and castles, MeetingSelect aims to remove the hassle from the booking process, saving businesses both time & money. 

Established in 100 different countries and armed with an extra injection of funding, all signs point to continued success for the Naarden-based startup, especially as teams flock to meet face-to-face once more.


As you can see, the Dutch startup ecosystem is thriving. With so many fast growing companies, it's no surprise that many businesses are choosing to move to the Netherlands. Explore open positions at fast growing startups & scaleups in the Netherlands on Techleap’s Job Board