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IT Jobs in Utrecht: A Complete Guide

7 MIN READ | 2022-03-15

IT Jobs in Utrecht: A Complete Guide

Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, founded by the Romans in 47 AD as a military post on the northern border of their empire. The city flourished in the Middle Ages as a centre of trade and learning. It also became home to one of Europe's first universities, founded in 1220. 

Nowadays, Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands with a population of over 300,000. It is a popular startup hub for tech companies and creative businesses and is known for its lively and vibrant student population. 

In this guide, we will take a closer look at the city’s top industries, look into IT startups and scaleups that are currently hiring, and popular tech jobs you can find in the vibrant city of Utrecht.

If you’re looking for an IT job in Utrecht, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to land a job in Utrecht’s booming tech industry. Let’s dive in!

Why Utrecht?

Utrecht is growing fast. Fueled by startup incubators such as UtrechtInc, the city is an ideal destination for tech professionals to live and work, with a lively nightlife, a rich culture, and plenty of job opportunities.

IT innovation

Today, many businesses that embrace cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) & blockchain technology turn to Utrecht to find the perfect environment to incubate their innovative IT projects. In addition, the city’s many startup accelerators and incubators attract ambitious entrepreneurs, who in turn bring new life to the local tech scene.

For example, the Lisk Centre is a non-profit organisation in Utrecht that organises events for enterprises and individuals working on blockchain technology. In addition, at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, the blockchain lab aims to research and share knowledge regarding applications of blockchain technology in Utrecht Region's economic pillars such as supply chains, fintech, and health.

Strategic Choice

With Amsterdam's leading talent pool and reputation as a tech hub, competition is tough for IT jobs in the city. According to a 2022 report by Sifted, Patrick Meutzner, CEO and co-founder of Trengo, explains, "[i]f we’re in Amsterdam, we’re competing with other scaleups for hires and funding."

It was, thus, a "strategic choice" to establish his company, Trengo, in Utrecht. 

"[B]eing in Utrecht, that’s our USP. We can set our sights on being the best startup to work [in] in this city." — Patrick Meutzner, CEO and co-founder of Trengo

Utrecht's top 8 industries

Utrecht has a strong economy with many different businesses from various industries. These industries are the city's primary economic pillars and are a great place to find IT jobs.

Below is an overview of Utrecht's top 8 industries.

1. ICT

Due to its innovative nature, Utrecht supplies ICT companies with a modern digital infrastructure. Moreover, Utrecht makes an excellent ecosystem with a dynamic network of top educational institutions, knowledge centres, and outspoken ICT firms.

Leading IT companies based in Utrecht include:

  • Capgemini
  • Oracle
  • Ordina
  • Conclusion 
  • VodafoneZiggo


2. Healthcare & Life Sciences

The health and well-being sector is the second-largest economic sector in Utrecht. This sector employs 37,000 people, which constitutes 15% of the total number of employees in Utrecht. 

Expect to find the largest concentration of hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions in this city. On top of various life science companies, suppliers, knowledge institutes, and branch organisations, you will also find many policymakers who make key decisions about healthcare in the country.

Leading life science companies based in Utrecht include:

  • Bioceros
  • Genmab
  • Merus
  • Nutricia Research


3. Financial Sector

Utrecht is the second-largest financial hub in the Netherlands.  Banks and national insurance companies have benefited from the city's strategic location and ease of access. Moreover, the relationship between the financial sector and the IT sector has played a significant role in the financial sector.

Some of the leading financial companies with headquarters in Utrecht include:

  • Rabobank
  • Santander
  • ABN Amro Lease
  • equensWorldine
  • ASR Nederland


4. Sustainability

Utrecht aims to become entirely energy-neutral in the near future by making solar energy mandatory for all new housing development projects. Specifically, the city aims to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reduce emissions to zero by 2050. Moreover, the inner city will only be accessible with electric vehicles.

It is thus no surprise that Utrecht is home to various hubs focusing on innovative sustainability. These include:

  • Eneco Energy Campus
  • Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile
  • Social Impact Factory
  • Utrecht Community (UCo)


5. Business Services

Utrecht is a great city for the business services sector due to its central location, expansive labour market, high-quality business and office sites. The business service industry accounts for 19% of Utrecht's total employment, or 45,000 jobs, with the most major subsector being sales and marketing activities.


6. Logistics

Utrecht invests in high-quality, labour-intensive distribution methods with added value. The region ranks high in the logistic locations list, with an exceptionally high occupancy rate and new construction. Utrecht has become a significant distribution centre for national and international clients, increasing the demand for e-commerce in Utrecht and other large cities. Recently, Picnic, a grocery delivery company that uses electric cars, established its office in Lage Weide.


7. Startups & Scale-ups

Utrecht inspires and develops smart solutions to help startups grow. More than 100 start-ups operate in the city in the following industries: IT, bioscience, healthcare, gaming, cleantech. 

Numerous initiatives support start-ups and scale-ups, such as the Local Economic Fund (LEF) and the municipal Startup in Residence. Moreover, it offers financial support from many incubators such as the Life Science Incubator, StudentsInc, UtrechtInc. & Holland Startup.

Examples of Utrecht startups with innovative solutions are:

  • Blendle
  • Merus
  • SnappCar
  • Stucomm
  • Proov
  • United Wardrobe


8. Creative Industry

Utrecht is the Netherlands' second most creative hotspot, with over 13,000 jobs. Academic institutions such as the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) and the University of Arts Utrecht (HKU) attract a lot of creative and innovative talent every year. 

Furthermore, the Utrecht Centre of Expertise for the Creative Industry (U Create) links academic research with creative industries and higher education corporations. In addition, you can find the Dutch Game Garden — an incubator for gaming startups — in Utrecht.

Few of the companies from the creative industries based in Utrecht include:

  • Vlambeer
  • RageSquid
  • Edge Creative Media

Tech startups & scaleups hiring in Utrecht

Are you looking for a job in a tech startup or scale-up? This chapter provides an overview of some tech startups and scaleups currently hiring in Utrecht.


Intellerts provides data science services such as artificial intelligence, BI, analytics, data integration, and data-driven insight.


Trengo is a scale-up where you can find innovative AI, NLP, and chatbots. In addition, they offer a customer service platform that helps companies connect with their customers through natural conversations.

In September 2021, Trengo raised over €30M to make customer communication easy.


ViCentra is a Utrecht-based company behind Kaleido that develops, manufactures and markets next-generation insulin pumps and other products to help treat people with diabetes. 

It recently received a €65M investment to expand operations and speed up the commercial release of its products.


Channable is a digital marketing automation and feed management tool for merchants, brands, and e-commerce sites.

In February of 2022, it raised €55M to fuel international expansion, accelerate R&D efforts, and build its global sales and marketing momentum.

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Popular IT jobs in Utrecht

There are plenty of  IT jobs in Utrecht. The following is a list of some of the most popular tech roles in Utrecht:

Account Manager

An account manager is responsible for managing the relationship between a company and its clients.


  • Maintaining client relationships
  • Managing and growing account base
  • Identifying and closing new business opportunities
  • Negotiating contracts
  • Coordinating sales and marketing efforts
  • Gathering market intelligence

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Business Analyst

A business analyst is responsible for understanding a company's business needs and figuring out how technology can help meet those needs.


  • Analyse and understand business needs
  • Communicate with stakeholders to get a clear understanding of needs
  • Define requirements for new systems or changes to existing systems
  • Create process models and flow diagrams
  • Translate business requirements into technical specifications

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Data Analyst

A data analyst is responsible for gathering, organising, and analysing data to help a company make better decisions. 


  • Collect and analyse data from various sources
  • Identify trends and patterns in data
  • Develop models and hypotheses to explain observed phenomena
  • Present findings and recommendations to stakeholders


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Marketing Data Analyst

A marketing data analyst is responsible for gathering, organising, and analysing data to help a company make better decisions about its marketing efforts.


  • Collect and analyse data from various sources
  • Identify trends and patterns in data
  • Develop models and hypotheses to explain observed phenomena
  • Present findings and recommendations to stakeholders

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System Administrator

A system administrator is responsible for the day-to-day operation and maintenance of a company's computer systems.


  • Install, configure, and maintain computer systems and networks
  • Monitor system performance and troubleshoot issues
  • Manage user accounts and passwords
  • Update software and hardware 


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Workspaces to visit

Workspaces are a perfect starting point for connecting with companies hiring IT talent. They provide an environment where you can work independently or collaborate with others, and they often have events and workshops relevant to IT professionals.

The following are a few of the most popular workspaces in Utrecht that make great hubs for IT professionals:

  1. Tribes
  2. Desktoday
  3. E-office
  4. Houtense Helden
  5. Cyberdigma.lab
  6. Samaya Conferentiecentrum
  7. Peer!
  8. FlexCentraal Bilthoven

Top accelerators in Utrecht

Accelerators are startup incubators that offer mentorship, office space, and funding in exchange for a small equity stake in the company.

If you want to work in a tech startup or scaleup, it's worth checking out the accelerators in Utrecht. Some of the most popular accelerators in Utrecht are listed below.

Startup Utrecht

StartupUtrecht connects entrepreneurs, scale-ups, corporations, angel investors, venture capitalists, local government, banks and universities to help them develop and expand the Utrecht startup ecosystem. They provide capital access for startups and scale-ups as well as corporate access.


UtrechtInc was founded in 2009 and is a top 10 university-connected incubator globally. It supports researchers, first-time founders of tech startups and entrepreneurial students with an extensive network of mentors and/or founders, corporate executives & investors.

Graduate Space

At Graduate Space, you can find affordable workspaces, a community of like-minded founders, and a strong network within the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Utrecht. Moreover, the Graduate Space Foundation is a non-profit organisation that promotes growth with the help of founders, sponsors and experts.

Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile

JIM is an innovation hub and co-working space in Utrecht. It offers innovators a community and a place to meet and collaborate on innovations that contribute to "Healthy Urban Living".


Utrecht is a great city for anyone looking for an IT job. The city has a booming tech industry with plenty of startups and scaleups that are always hiring. 

Have you found the tech job of your dreams in Utrecht yet? Explore Techleap’s job board and see your options!