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Startup jobs in The Hague

3 MIN READ | 2021-12-21

The Hague is home to the headquarters of the Dutch government, along with many international organizations such as the International Criminal Court and Europol. Known as the city of peace and justice, The Hague is a great place to start working at startups.

With its many incubators, accelerators and coworking spaces, there’s no shortage of opportunities for entrepreneurs here. And with a population of over half a million people, The Hague offers plenty of potential customers for your business.

Startups in The Hague

The Hague is a great place to work for startups. Here are examples of some of the most promising startups in The Hague in 2021:

  • VanBoven: Founded in 2019, this startup uses cutting-edge algorithms to keep track of each plant, head, and crop. It predicts the harvest of fresh fruits and vegetables to precisely match supply and demand, resulting in lower food waste, a robust value chain, and fair pricing.
  • Envision: Envision empowers visually impaired people to become more independent and confident by speaking out to the world around them. In addition, it utilises artificial intelligence (AI) to recognise faces, describe settings, and identify colours.
  • Finturi: Founded in 2018, Finturi uses new technology such as blockchain and artificial intelligence to help companies get cheaper loans. They have raised over €2 million in funding to support small and medium-sized enterprises with asset-based financing.

Startup Jobs in The Hague

If you want to find a job in The Hague, look no further. Find below the most popular job positions at startups in The Hague.

Mobile App Developer

A Mobile App Developer is someone who, as the name implies, creates mobile apps. This involves coding the app's backend and designing its frontend. Moreover, they must also ensure that the app works on different devices and operating systems.

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Quality Analyst

A Quality Analyst works with statistical data to improve product quality. This can involve creating reports, conducting surveys and comparing customer feedback to product performance metrics.

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Full-Stack Web Developer

A Full-Stack Web Developer is someone who can work on both the frontend and backend of a web app, as well as maintaining it after launch. This involves creating the website's layout, implementing its core functionalities (user registration, database management etc.), and keeping sites secure.

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Game Designer

A Games Designer is someone who creates video games. This includes coming up with game concepts, designing levels and characters, and writing the game's dialogue. They must also make sure that the game is fun to play and meets the desired standards for quality.

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QA Engineer

A QA Engineer is someone who tests software for bugs and user experience. Apart from creating automated tests, they also report found issues to the development team to fix them. Furthermore, they take part in creating test cases to ensure that the software works as intended.

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Sales Manager

A Sales Manager is someone who oversees a company's sales operations. This includes developing and implementing strategies to increase revenue, as well as recruiting and training new sales staff.

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Growth Marketer

A Growth Marketer is someone responsible for increasing a company's customer base through marketing tactics. This can involve developing and executing marketing campaigns, optimizing website content for search engines, and conducting A/B tests to improve user engagement.

Content Marketer

A Content Marketer creates and promotes content for a company's website or blog. This can involve writing articles, creating videos or designing graphics. In addition, they must also track the performance of the content to see how well it is doing.

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Technical Support Engineer

A Technical Support Engineer is a person who helps customers resolve their problems by providing technical assistance. They must be able to troubleshoot and propose viable answers as well as talk clearly with end-users when offering these solutions.

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Quality Analyst

A Quality Analyst is someone who works with statistical data to improve product quality. This can involve creating reports, conducting surveys and comparing customer feedback to product performance metrics.

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The Hague is a haven for startups and entrepreneurs. The city's bustling startup scene has plenty of job opportunities in the fields including development, marketing or sales & design.

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