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Top 5 data science jobs you will find at a startup

3 MIN READ | 2021-11-10

Interested in working at a startup as a data scientist?  

Data science is a vital process to business decision making within a company. It models and visualises data with which businesses can create roadmaps and trajectories to achieve their goals. This interdisciplinary field is essential to businesses that are seeking accelerated expansion and growth, and this is one of the reasons why startups provide the perfect environment for data scientists. 

Time to deep-dive into the top five data science jobs of varying levels of seniority that you can apply for at startups, scaleups & corporates.

1. Data Analyst

A data analyst is one of the easiest roles to qualify for when you have little to no work experience. As a result, data analyst jobs can help you advance into higher-level roles in the future with the experience you gain from entry-level positions. 

Data analysts are responsible for collecting, processing, interpreting, and performing statistical data. The combination of these tasks requires a wide variety of skills that are essential to the decision-making process. Data analysts are hired in order to identify new opportunities through which they can increase revenue and decrease costs.  

A few of the available data analyst jobs on Techleap’s job board include:

  • Customer Experience Data Analyst
  • Business Data Analyst 
  • Business Data Analyst - Internship
  • Data Analytics Lead
  • Data Analyst
  • Disputes Data Analyst
  • Graduate Data Analyst
  • Marketing Data Analyst

2. Data Scientist

The data scientist position is one of the most sought after tech roles at startups, ideal for problem-solving minds with a keen interest in maths, computer science, and research. 

Data scientists are responsible for the research and development of new algorithms and approaches. They give their insights and make inferences for every step of each project, and they analyze customer and market trends. For this reason, in many big companies, data scientists are also team leaders who are in charge of people.

Data scientist jobs are also one of the coolest jobs you will find in Amsterdam.   

Does this position appeal to you? Techleap’s job board offers different titles for this role, including:

  • Data Science Intern
  • Data Scientist Algorithms
  • Data Scientist Operations
  • Lead Data Scientist
  • Supply Chain Data Scientist

3. Data Manager

Data managers play a major role in achieving business goals as they are more familiar with managing and networking than data scientists are. 

The primary responsibility of a data manager is to ensure that data can be accessed by users efficiently. They manage master data, an entire department or enterprise of data and ensure data flow and integrity. Apart from data science skills, this role requires leadership and project management experience. 

Available positions in Techleap’s job board with the title of data manager include:

  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Clinical Data Manager
  • Data Management Specialist
  • Data Manager
  • Junior Data Manager

4. Data Engineer

Data engineering jobs specialise in the systems and hardware that contribute to the company’s data activities as opposed to most data science jobs that involve the analysis of data itself. 

Data engineers design, build and manage information or data infrastructure. They are also responsible for ensuring that systems perform well, without any hiccups. 

Data science jobs at a startup for engineering are available on Techleap’s job board. A few job titles you will come across on this platform include:

  • Data Engineer
  • Data Engineer - Marketing Intelligence
  • Data Engineer - Systems Administrator
  • Data Ops Engineer
  • Senior Data Engineer

5. Data Architect

A data architect is one of the senior data science roles that require experience, meaning that means that you will rarely find any entry-level jobs for this role. Ideally, you should have a master’s degree in data science or computer science.

Data architects are increasingly becoming more important as their role is continuously expanding. Their tasks are the blueprints of data management systems: they integrate, protect, and maintain data sources. They usually start their career trajectory as data analysts, evolving into data designers, and eventually become data architects by combining all of their acquired skills & capabilities.

Data science jobs are essential roles within companies and especially startups because they contribute to their growth. Their required skills vary based on the position’s specialisation and level of expertise. These jobs may deal with coding and data infrastructure, but they may also combine business, project management & design capabilities. 

Thinking about joining the startup scene? Head over to Techleap’s job board to accelerate your data science career.