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Top Startup Jobs in Groningen: A Complete Guide

5 MIN READ | 2022-04-20

Top Startup Jobs in Groningen

Groningen may not be the first Dutch city to come to mind when thinking about startups, innovation, and overall job opportunity. However, make no mistake, you will miss out on exciting opportunities if you dismiss Groningen as simply a ‘town up North.’

As the largest city in the Northern Netherlands with a population of almost 240,000, Groningen is considered nationally as the metropolis of the North, known to be its urban center. With strengths in business, education, music, and the arts, Groningen achieved the highest cultural index among all the Dutch provinces. Plus with sustainability as an increasingly important industry, it is getting an especially high amount of attention in the city. 

This comes as no surprise when as far back as in the 13th century, Groningen had an influential trade center, much authority over nearby lands, and was regarded as largely an autonomous region. 

Currently, students make up 25% of Groningen’s population, therefore characterizing the city with a dynamic, youthful, and energetic atmosphere. 

Consequently, the Northern city has a lot to offer to young businesses and fast-growing startups with easily navigable resources for support all around. 

In this guide, we will be exploring top startup jobs, key sectors, and opportunities available in Groningen. 

Why Groningen is Unique

Perhaps unexpectedly at first, the city has its own unique character, which attracts those looking for new career paths in various fields.


As in many other urban centers, Groningen is adding increasing attention to new and ongoing sustainability-based projects.

Did you know the very first Google data center that runs completely on sustainably-sourced energy is located right in the seaport of Eemshaven in Groningen? As Google explains, Eemshaven provides the proper resources for the data center, including energy infrastructure, available workforce, and developable land. The presence of such a large and well-known company as Google creates an inspiring environment with optimistic outlooks for the surrounding community. Most importantly, it creates a sea of new job opportunities in the fields of data science and engineering.

Groningen is also home to the New Energy Coalition, a network of companies, governments, NGOs, and knowledge institutions working together to advance the transition to sustainable energy. The headquarters of the organization are located in the Energy Academy, the most sustainable educational building in the Netherlands.

Startup Opportunities

Startups are very prominent in the Northern city with lots of support and resources being allocated to aid the growth of young business projects. 

A key role in this sphere is played by Startup City of Campus Groningen. This is an entrepreneurial facility near the Zernike Campus at the University of Groningen. Startup City is a hotspot for innovation. Here, young entrepreneurs, students and researchers are provided with a space to meet, discuss ideas, and make significant progress on their initiatives. 

Another organization that looks to offer a space for creators to innovate is Techstars Startup Weekend. Though a global initiative taking place in hundreds of cities, Groningen is no exception. Startup Weekend entails a 54-hour event where aspiring entrepreneurs come together to network, learn from each other, share best practices, and spark new ideas.

Lastly, Founded in Groningen is a platform which brings local entrepreneurs and initiatives together. With frequent events and lively information exchange environment, this organization stimulates even more growth in Groningen. 

Ultimately, it is clear that Groningen has what it takes to create opportunities for those who need support transforming their great ideas into reality.

Top 10 Startups in Groningen

There are hundreds of startups in the energetic city of Groningen according to data platform Dealroom. Having collected a list of Groningen startups using the Growth Signal rank on TechLeap, which measures a company’s growth based on the number of employees in the last year, here are the top 10 startups and scaleups innovating and doing cool things:


Let’s Get Digital

Let’s Get Digital is a B2B event technology startup that offers its clients a virtual and hybrid event planning service in the digital space. The business fully rebranded from physical event planning to virtual at the start of the pandemic in 2020 when it became clear it would be quite some time before physical events would take place again. Now with a focus on sustainability, Let's Get Digital continues growing and succeeding in their endeavors while creating a fun, collective atmosphere. 

Click here to browse opportunities at Let’s Get Digital!



Ancora is a B2B and B2C digital health startup that offers preventive health, care, and wellness programs through a web application. This platform provides clients with their own personal health data allowing for proactive measures such as recording long-term progress with the aid of Ancora’s team of professionals. The startup has been recognized by many partners, institutions, and investors, leading to the receipt of multiple accolades since its founding in 2019. It was selected as a top health-tech startup in the country for the Rise Program and holds ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certifications for privacy and information security.

Click here to get in touch with Ancora and discover new opportunities.



Odyssey is a digital B2B foundation dealing with enterprise software. Founded in 2016, the company started with collaboration and aimed to create solutions for large institutions to incorporate emerging Web3 and artificial intelligence space. Odyssey is currently developing a social network metaverse for Web3 communities to let users construct their own social network economy.

Click here to find new opportunities at Odyssey.


SG Papertronics

SG Papertronics is also one of the leading examples of impressive names present in the Groningen startup space. The company uses analytical chemistry and lab automation to create effective testing devices that ensure a B2B client’s product in the health and food industry is quality-controlled.

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BranchKey is a B2B company specializing in enterprise software and security. The business provides services in private decentralized platforms for machine learning agents, federated learning technology for machine learning models, and systems distribution.

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Detact Diagnostics

Detact Diagnostics is a B2B health company that uses biotechnology to produce bacterial detection solutions. Its highly sensitive, specific and efficient solution is pushing the startup closer to its goal of changing the rapid-testing landscape.

Click here to contact Detact Diagnostics and see out new opportunities.



Reperio is a health company specializing in enterprise software and medical devices. The medical organization collects medical insights by combining oculography and machine learning which captures eye movements. This process allows for the quick, easy, and stress-free detection of any underlying issues related to visual impairment or neurodegenerative disorders. 

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EV Biotech 

EV Biotech is a B2B strain development company in the following industries: health, food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology. With a focus on sustainability, EV Biotech has a mission to transition from petrochemical-based to bio-based chemical production using microbial cell factories (MCF). 

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Enie is a B2B and B2C green solar energy supplier. The business offers consumers the purchase or rental of solar panels with a top quality guarantee, allowing the startup to achieve its mission of providing sustainable energy to everyone. 

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Mr. Chadd

Mr. Chadd is a B2B and B2C startup business in the education sector. The company offers homework assistance to students through qualified, university-trained coaches. With direct question answering online, this company is promoting a faster and more interactive way to get school tasks completed. 

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Top Startup Sectors in Groningen

As seen from some of the fastest growing startups in Groningen, the market is the most dense in the sectors of health & wellness, sustainability & eco-friendly sources, software technology, and education.

Top 5 Job Functions

Besides the recommended startups, the list below consists of other popular fields with job opportunities in Groningen. 

Marketing & Communications

Here are some of the most popular MarCom jobs:

  • Marketing & communications specialist
  • Social media manager 
  • Advertising specialist
  • Public relations specialist
  • Promotions coordinator


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Customer Service

Some of the popular customer service jobs:

  • Technical support representative
  • Client relations specialist
  • Help desk analyst
  • Member service representative
  • Account coordinator 


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Popular jobs in the IT roles include:

  • IT manager
  • IT analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Data scientist
  • Solutions architect


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Some of the more popular operations jobs:

  • Operations coordinator
  • Operations analyst
  • Project manager
  • Operations engineer
  • Program manager 


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Accounting & Finance

Popular accounting & finance jobs are:

  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Financial analyst
  • Controller
  • Administrative specialist 


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Groningen has a lot more to offer than you might think. With so many resources, supportive environment, and freedom for startups, it is no surprise that many great ideas are born in the Northern city. 

The possibilities to join a creative team of entrepreneurs or start your own in almost any industry are endless.

Have you found the startup of your dreams yet? Explore your options!